Better Backs are your trusted and experienced chiropractors who provide holistic treatment in comfortable and relaxing space for Burnley residents to regain your health, flexibility, strength and wellness.

We are patient-centric, evidence-based family care. Our team of well qualified and experienced chiropractors believes in the natural relationship of the nervous system with the spine. Our practice focuses on treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


This health care discipline focuses on inherent recuperative powers of the body to heal itself without the use of medicines or surgery. Most frequently our treatment is based around the function of the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and hips. Patients typically present to a chiropractor for symptoms of headaches, poor posture, neck pain, back pain, and repetitive strains. We correct the pain and joint problems by gentle spinal adjustments performed by hand or individual instruments.

We can provide treatment to patients in Burnley who are unable to travel to our centres. We offer scheduled regular home visits and an emergency crisis care to Burnley as well. Our treatment involves cold laser, dry needling, massage, activator or manual adjustments. For enquiries call 0398737373. For out of hours enquiries, call Dr. David Jones on 0409566374.


Having a flat foot, or heel arched more than the usual can lead to chronic pain in the heels or lower back. If orthotic treatments are ignored for long periods, the misalignment can also cause and lead to more lower limb injuries, including degeneration and poor coordination or proprioception. Along with the pain, our effective orthotic therapy can work on the wrong positioning and help the feet get a solid foundation and decrease risk of injuries like medial meniscus tears and ligament strains.

Remedial Massage.

Remedial massage treatments by Better Backs are designed to combat stress, revitalise your body and do much more. Our massage therapy is custom made for your expected results.

Our remedial massage is designed to combat stress, revitalise and restore the body back to balance. We administer slow and rhythmic strokes to alleviate tension and tiredness, flushing toxins and worries away. Along with Trigger point therapy, this therapy can be tailored to soft medium or firm pressure.

We design the most efficient remedial massage therapy by following a few easy steps.

  • Assess stress points.
  • Identify the affected areas.
  • Develop a custom-made treatment plan for you.
  • Explain you the process.
  • Start the treatment as per the plan.

Our therapists may sometimes need images, scans, x-rays or other tests as a part of developing a customised treatment plan.