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Cold Laser Therapy at Better Backs Mitcham

Cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is our clinic’s newest treatment option. The laser works through the application of low levels of visible and near infra-red light to a chosen area. This can cause decreased pain, swelling, inflammation, an accelerated healing process for wounds, deep soft tissues and nerves all on a cellular level. Additionally, a recent study by Harvard Medical School found that in certain doses and when applied to the correct area of the body, LLLT can even have an analgesic effect – drug free pain relief!

During the treatment you can expect to feel the laser heads against your skin and maybe a little warmth but it is completely painless. Most of the time, one treatment will take about 10-20 minutes but this will depend on the size of the area to be treated.  As with any form of treatment it may take a number of treatments for results to be seen. However, for injuries that you want to heal fast, or for chronic pain for which you have tried everything else, this is a great evidence-based treatment option.

There are many different conditions and types of injuries that we see in our clinic on a daily basis that our laser can help treat either alone or as an adjunctive modality such as:

  • Minor Injuries and Sprains

Our laser can assist in the reduction of swelling as well as promote healing of many of the tissues related to the injury.image

  • Inflammation

We can use it to decrease inflammation caused by arthritis.

  • Aches and Pains
  • Nerve Pain such as Neuralgia and sciatica.

We can use our laser to help people who have been suffering from chronic pain. As well as more recently sustained injuries.

  • Wound Healing

Lots of research into the benefit of cold laser therapy for wound healing is available. Particularly difficult to heal wounds including those related diabetes.

Cold Laser therapy Research.

A recent study was published demonstrating the combined effectiveness of LLLT with chiropractic care for cervical facet dysfunction (neck pain).  This showed that although both treatments were significantly effective alone, when used in combination, the results showed the most benefit.

Neck movement after Laser theraphy Cold Laser Saayman-graphs Neck PainLaser neck

More and more research into the effectiveness and safety of LLLT is continuing to be produced. If you’re interested in cold laser therapy come and talk to us and we will discuss whether LLLT may an appropriate course of treatment for you.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy and low-level laser therapy in the management of cervical facet dysfunction: a randomized controlled study. – Saayman L1, Hay C, Abrahamse H.

Biphasic dose response in low level light therapy. – Ying-Ying Huang, Aaron C.-H. Chen, James D. Carroll Michael R. Hamblin

We use a MR4 Activ which uses super pulsed laser as seen in the video above.

Cost of Laser appointments

Initial appointment is $125 and follow up appointments $40-80

Most conditions needing 10-15 appointments. This means treating one condition will usually cost $300-370 if using just laser. If combined with Chiropractic appointments $485-800

Some protocols like for urinary incontinence are only 2-3 appointments and some complicated conditions may need multiple courses to get the best outcome but are always done in blocks of 5 or 10.

We are now introducing The Cold Laser Club membership which will allow you and your family living at the same address the use our laser for the next 5 years in the clinic for $1000. It will give you access to a home based laser to use for 1 week each year*.

*This is subject to at least 20 memberships being sold in 2019.