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     Find out if Naturopathy could help them improve your health!

    In this appointment bring any relevant blood test and current medication list including any herbs. During the appointment, A history of your health or health concerns, a pharmacology and vitamin review, iridology, zinc testing and other test. Candling can be done but will minimise what other test may be performed.  Melissa the Naturopath will after determining your health goals or aims will then set about making a plan to help you get your results. These will be presented in a report at your second appointment, however your starting advice and or any supplements if appropriate start immediately.

    Offer finishes 23 of December 2017.

  • What is Naturopathy?

    The main focus of Naturopathy is to provide your body with what it needs to heal itself. Naturopathy is used to treat a variety of both acute and chronic conditions.

    When you see a Naturopath they will look at your presenting symptoms, but also test for underlying cause to your symptoms. Having these underlying causes treated and not just the symptoms will improve how quickly and how effective your treatment is.

    Naturopathic medicine works by using effective herbal liquids or dried herbs. This form of treatment can be used as an alternative to current medicine or alongside conventional allopathic or western Medicine. Diet and Lifestyle factors are also examined as these can hinder your body from expressing your full state of health if unbalanced.

    At Better Backs we hold firmly that given the right circumstances the body can heal itself. The importance of diet and lifestyle factors that can be changed or adapted to minimize symptoms and rebalance the bodies systems are assessed during a naturopathic consultation.

    Educating you and your family is also another area of great importance to us; as a patient you need to take an interest in your own health and wellness goals. We will be there to help you achieve these. At Better Backs every patient has their own tailor made treatment plan designed specifically for their presenting condition.

  • Common Conditions that present to Naturopaths

    Common conditions presented to naturopaths:

    • Fatigue Digestive complaints
    • anxiety/Stress
    • Mood disorders and depression
    • Allergies and sensitivities
    • Behavioral problems
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Musculoskeletal complaints such as arthritis
    • Cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) problems
    • High/ low blood pressure
    • Fertility both males and females
    • Endocrine disturbance
    • Hormonal imbalances, such as premenstrual tension and menopause
    • Sleep disorders

    The list goes on…

  • Naturopathy Cost and Hours

    Naturopath Fees

    Initial $90
    Standard Subsequent $60
    Long Consultation $80
    Ear Candling $30

    Discount of $5 apply if having a Chiropractic appointment at the same time

    SPECIAL for July to August– Free 15 min Naturopathic assessment to see if we think you will benefit from Naturopathic care. Must mention when booking.

    Booking and payments made at 9 Station Street Mitcham 3132 VIC or call (03) 98737373

    Naturopath hours

    Tuesday 8:30am-11am, 3pm-7pm
    Thursday 6pm-8pm
    Saturday 9am-12pm

    Hours outside this can be arranged, appointments must be booked in.