Better Backs are your qualified and seasoned chiropractor in Richmond who provide warm and inviting space to treat your body professionally and holistically.

Our team of healthcare professionals believe there is an intimate relationship between your nervous system and the spine. Though it is not limited to just these areas. Our brilliant and unique process involves having a detailed history and a directed physical examination with a digital postural assessment and 3D foot scan on your initial appointment to help disorders and injuries of nerves, joints, and muscles.

Expert Chiropractic Services For Richmond Residents.

Our chiropractors in Richmond are trained in diagnostic assessments and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, re-establishing normal spinal mobility and altered reflexes. Most commonly our chiropractic treatments focus on pain in the neck, back, repetitive strains and headaches.

Better Backs also offers emergency home chiropractic visits and scheduled regular home visits to facilitate treatment of patients who cannot travel to the clinic easily. Our treatment involve cold laser, dry needling massage, activator or manual adjustments. For enquiries call 0398737373. For out of hours enquiries call Dr. David Jones on 0409566374.

Professional Orthotic Solutions.

A good feet arches gives a solid foundation to the entire body. But a flat foot, foot arched more than usual or any fallen arch or misalignment in the feet can not only cause pain in the feet, knees, hips, back or neck but can also lead these joints to undergo degeneration. Better Backs has the solution with customised orthotics called Foot Levelers and a budget non customised version called Sole Revolutions.

Relaxing Remedial Massage For Richmond Locals.

Remedial Massage in Richmond centre is a relaxing and rejuvenating space where our therapist focus on identifying the cause of an issue and then work specifically on the affected muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

Our remedial massage therapist first takes some time to assess your stress points, identify the areas affected and attempts to find the origin of the pain. We may need imaging or other tests too before we design a treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is ready, we explain the process and if it is agreed upon, commence the treatment.

We then use our in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and effective therapy techniques involving hands-on massage to relax the tissues which are stressed out.

Our remedial massage therapy usually helps our customer with improved mobility, lessened pain, less tension or a combination of all.