Anatta Cartier, Pilates instructor at Better Backs in mitcham

Anatta Cartier, Group Pilates Instructor

Peak Pilates® Advanced Mat Certified Instructor-USA • Yoga Instructor Certificate - The Sivananda Yoga Camp - Canada • Cert III Fitness - Fitnation

Anatta has been running our Group mat Pilates classes since 2015 with Better Backs.

Anatta has an energy and passion for creating a friendly teaching enviroment for learning classic Pilates. What Anatta teaches is from her training  from peak pilates in the USA. Anatta likes to keep the Pilates classes small and boutique meaning that customisation to her program and proper supervision to ensure you are doing the correct exercises. She does however like to group similar abilitied participants together so that she can make the program harder or easier for the majority of the class. IF you would like to know more please contact our office.

Call 9873 7373 to book.

Anatta likes people to be on time, with their pilates mat and towel, ready to learn and do pilates exercises. If you would like to join these classes then contact our office.