Dry needling is complex to explain. Dry needling is an approach to treating neuromusculo system disorders or myofascial pain syndromes (MPS). MPS is really a fancy way of saying tight spasming muscles which cause alot of pain or dysfunction. The technique of dry needling involves the use of a finefilament needle to de-activate trigger points in muscles or in laymans terms “loosen tight muscles”. There is a few more examination procedures on top of a chiropractic examination before you can have dry needling. There are many ways of treating these muscle disorders however Dr David Jones (chiropractor) has seen that dry needling is a very effective ways for treating these conditions.

There are 2 types of dry needling approaches that are widely used. One is that of Travel and Simons the other is of Gunn. Both have some similar components yet Gunn’s approach tends to be the one where rather than looking at individual tight muscles the practioner looks at all the areas surplied by that particular nerve. This allows for what is known as a segmental approach meaning that all areas are dealt with. This is based that the peripheral problem comes from “unwell nerves” more centrally.Travel and Simons is based more on the that the junction where a nerve enters a muscle to give it is signal is producing “noise” meaning constant signals and the muscle contracts slowly and small amounts not enough to cause the muscle to move but become tight and the other isthought to be due to lack of energy and removal of waste materail out of a muscle. When it counts it really doesn’t matter which theory is right, there is definetly aliments that all are true. Clinically we see great results and that is what counts.

If you are an existing patient and would like to have dry needling performed talk to Dr David Jones (chiropractor) at your next appointment. If making your first appointment please tell the reception that you were intending to have dry needling and extra time will be put on your initial appointment.

Dry needling is not acupuncture, acupuncture is based in TCM (traditional chinese Medicine) it uses the philopsophy and understanding of Meridians (energy pathways). Acupuncture is a great theraphy for many conditions and there is overlap to what both types of therapies can help with. If you are after acupuncture please look somewhere else.