• Remedial Massage Therapy

    Remedial Massage Therapy in Richmond

    The basis of Remedial Massage  is that the ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the body all respond to manual touch. A large percentage of discomfort that is felt by you, can be coming from these soft tissues. This type of massage will focus on a specific injury or problem area as well as any contributing muscles.

    A Remedial Massage therapist and Myotherapist uses their knowledge of anatomy and physiology, combined with manual therapy techniques to help you. With the use of deep tissue massage and Trigger Point Therapy (amongst other techniques), the deep and shallow layers of muscle and connective tissue will be relaxed. This massage is recommended for those experiencing acute or chronic muscular pain and discomfort. Everyone is unique and will get benefit from different techniques so it is important that when you have a remedial massage in Richmond that you are communicating with your therapist to what you like, what is painful and the therapist alike will communicate with you what you are likely to experience. This will allow you to enjoy your treatment while also getting therapeutic benefit.

    The Remedial Massage Therapist will take some time to assess your presenting complaint, identifying the areas affected and attempting to find the origin of the pain. (At times referral for imaging or other tests may be necessary). A treatment plan will then be designed, explained and consent requested before any treatment commences. Rest assured if our practitioner does not feel you are going to benefit from massage or that another treatment is better suited to your condition they will also point you in the right direction so that you do not waste your time or money. We want to see you get good results.

  • Remedial Massage therapy benefits

    Remedial Massage is not just a Deep Tissue Relaxation Massage. A Remedial massage will focus just on a specific area and those muscles associated with it.

    A Relaxation Massage is about just that; ‘Relaxation.’ It does not involve in depth testing and assessing; just a gentle, enjoyable and stress relieving massage.

    Combining Chiropractic and Remedial massage treatments can often have a synergistic benefit. In other words they both become more effective.

    At Better Backs, we have a team of professionals, which can assess, treat, and assist in many areas of your wellbeing. If you are getting care from 2 different services such as remedial massage and chiropractic; you can be assured Treatment notes, meetings and an inter-practitioner message service allow the team at Better Backs the ability communicate your relevant information so that you can get consistent advice and the very best care.

    • Remedial massage/deep tissue massage
    • Myofacial release/trigger point therapy
    • Cupping
    • Pregnancy massage
    • Assess muscular and postural imbalances
    • Relaxation massage
    • Professional exercise programming/instruction/advice Remedial massage

    This type of treatment has been shown to:

    • Increase circulation to remove metabolic waste
    • Increase joint mobility
    • Elongate and mobilize connective tissue
    • Reduce muscle spasm
    • Permit improved muscle function

    References: http://bjsportmed.com/content/28/3/153.full.pdf+html pubmed 4837058 effect of massage on skeletal muscle tissue

    Bookings can be made for a combination of Remedial and Relaxation Massage or just one or the other.

    30min, 45min and 1hr treatments are available. Book your remedial massage appointment today.

  • Relaxation massage

    Relaxation type of massage aims to relax tight muscles in a gentle pain free treatment. A recent published study showed some interesting facts:

    1. 98% of participants experienced increased relaxation
    2. 88% of participants had a positive mood change
    3. 93% of participants experienced a sense of wellbeing

    Reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10394676

    Bookings can be made for a combination of Remedial and Relaxation Massage or just one or the other.

    30min, 45min and 1hr treatments are available. Book your remedial massage appointment today.