• What to expect – Your first visit

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    On an Initial consultation you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff and you will be able to complete your patient information form if you haven’t already downloaded it and filled it in. You may be required to fill in more forms depending on your reason for the clinic. The Chiropractor will then take a thorough history of your reason for coming to the clinic, this is done by going over your questionaire and answering questions about any symptoms you have, occupation, activities, sports, previous medical history and other relevant information about your state of wellness. The chiropractor, Dr Jones will narrow down the possible problems to usually 2 or 3.

    postureThen the chiropractor will do a physical examination which entails testing the stability of joints (orthopedic test), the nervous system (neurological tests: such as sensation, muscle strength and reflexes), chiropractic spinal assessment, Range of Motion, Blood Pressure and other health screening test. You will also have a Digital Postural Assessment and 3D Foot Evaluation which helps the Chiropractor to assess your risk of relapse and to develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan. If necessary other tests or referral for medical imaging that is indicated will be issued. It is a good idea to bring in any existing blood test, X-rays, MRI or other medical test results you have that are recent. After all this we will give you a summary of the findings and how we are able to help.

    Treatment if required comes next. So after your summary you will be asked to sign a consent for your treatment. Then your body can start to make the changes that are needed to get you in the best state of health. Occasionally we need to wait on the outcome of a test before commencing treatment, this is quite rare but if this is the case then it is done for your safety.

    Types of techniques and services offered:

    • Manual / traditional adjustments (pictured to right)Dave2
    • Low Force and instrument techniques (Activator, Drop piece, Cranials and Blocks)
    • Soft tissue / massage
    • Professional advice on:
      • Nutrition,
      • Prevention of injuries, and
      • Lifestyle
    • Sleep Assessments are also available.
    • Foot levelers orthotics (custom made for your feet not someone else’s)
    • Physical Therapeutics: Heat/cold packs, Taping and others
    • Rehabilitation: this includes exercise at home or with in-Clinic equipment

    We offer an Evidence Based approach where we use clinical experience and scientific research to manage patients’ conditions and track progress to monitor what treatments are having the best effect.

    An initial visit may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour with the chiropractor. From when you fill in your forms to when you leave is normally only 60 minutes but can be up to 1 hour and a quarter. To save time why not download the applicable form and already have it filled in.



  • Your Second Visit, or Report of Findings


    During your Report of Findings Visit you will watch a DVD explaining how chiropractic treatment helps your body to heal and keep you well. Then after your watch the video The second visit is optimally done within a few days of your initial and is used to see how you have responded with your first treatment or corrections. This allows us to confirm the findings from your first appointment.

    You will receive a few reports (Posture, Feet and Primary Problem) These reports are part of the blue prints to your health success telling you what is wrong with your body and how you can improve it. The report will outline your expected dosage of treatment for the first 4 weeks and outline other important details.Your 3 Reports

    • You will have time to ask questions and clarify your care and management.
    • You will then receive your next corrections or treatment.
    • You may, if appropriate, be given home management or active care exercises.
    • This appointment is usually 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Subsequent Visits

    Standard appointments are to administer treatment and monitor patient’s progression.

    These visits vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes with most being done in 10 minutes.

  • Rehabilitation Visits

    These are done as required to teach or assist patient with exercises.

    Everyone can benefit from strengthening their body and improving their posture. If you’re an existing patient then why not mention you’re interested in training your body to improve your posture and strength at our next appointment.

    If you are an existing patient who has started and lost your exercises and wish have a new copy emailed to you, please contact us. info@betterbacksmelbourne.com.au.

  • Review Visits

    posture comparisonAfter a set time, outlined in your report of findings, a review is done to measure your improvements. This is often a month after commencing your treatment, though can be a week or at anytime the chiropractor feels it is needed.

    During a review pertinent tests will be re-performed and outcomes measured.

    These appointments take 20 minutes with the chiropractor and 5 minutes to fill in forms before your appointment. These are charged at the standard appointment rate not extra.