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Who would honestly answer no to more energy or better health? With a growing number of Australians trying to loose and maintain a healthy weight, then Isagenix could be the weightloss solution you have been waiting for.  This has changed the way I live and could change the way you live. I personally always strive to do my very best in everything, including my health and fitness.  So when I investigated Isagenix, I had to experience it myself, to see what changes I would get, as it looked good but I wasn’t sure. I also didn’t want any of my clients using it until I had road tested it.

My Isagenix story

Dr David Jones, Chiropractor

Four years ago (early 2014) I started training to run a triathlon and also finished my first duathlon. (Run, Ride, Run and no swim)

The training was great, I thought I was doing well but found it hard to be consistent. Then in early 2015 was chatting to a fellow chiropractor who showed me some great research and challenged me, though I was healthy and eating well by today’s standards that I could be even better. After looking into it and being a bit skeptical, I ordered the Isagenix President’s Pack and Isagreens Which is similar to the weight loss premium pack with ageless actives and isagreens I worked out all my starting measurements, planned my deep cleanse days (2 cleanse days in a row) and started on the Tuesday after Easter. The first 2 days I was getting my head around which products to take and when. I was a little hungry in the evenings but otherwise very full especially in the mornings. After that it was simple, there was no feeling hungry and the results started to come.

I felt more energetic than my already energized self. Weight fell off, along with centimeters around the waist and other areas. The only downside is that I need to buy some new clothes, as they were all too big! My running  improved in speed and effort, all within 30 days. I am still using Isagenix 3 years on, My weight now stays in the mid 70’s and I have more lean muscle than what I had when I was 15kg heavier. It is simple to get more energy and have weight loss.

Last Summer in 2017, I finally did my first registered triathlon. It was a great experience to do and complete. At the top of the page is my photos.


The before shot is about 6 months before Isagenix and had already lost 2kg but another 6kg was done in the 30days. In total David lost 12kg with Isagenix

Please book your free ISAGENIX appointment with David or Melissa (our Better Backs Naturopath) before you start your program. In this appointment you will be given advice, have your measurements taken and Leanscreen with the ipad software to help see the best results. The appointment is only Free for those purchasing Isagenix through David or one of his team, otherwise cost is $70.

Just want to Get your weightloss journey underway you can order directly Here from the ONLINE SHOP.

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