Vermont residents seeking holistic body treatment from experienced health professionals should consider the Better Backs clinic for your Chiropractic care and Naturopathy.

At Better Backs, we are committed to providing natural medicine treatments for the body. We believe that the nervous system and the spine have an integral relationship to the proper functioning of your body.

Our 5+ year university trained chiropractors with Master degrees are the health professionals that understand how the nervous system functions. They are trained to deliver the best possible chiropractic care and treat your muscle disorders, injuries and joint pain.

Professional Chiropractic Practice For Vermont Locals.

Our team of Vermont chiropractors hold a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating health issues which involves the nerves, muscles and joints. Most commonly our chiropractic treatments focus on pain of the neck, back, repetitive strains and headaches. Our treatment can include cold laser, dry needling, massage, low force, instrument techniques and manual adjustments.

At Better Backs, patients who cannot travel to the clinic easily can organise a scheduled home visit. We also offer emergency out of hours home visits. For enquiries call on 0398737373. For out of hours call Dr David Jones on 0409566374.

Expert Orthotic Assessment.

Do you have pain in your ankle or knee?

Our feet provide the foundation for the body. If the foundation of your body is uneven, it has the potential to cause pain in your feet, knees, hips, back or neck. Better Backs Chiropractic and Natural Products use Foot Levelers 3d scanning at your first appointment to assess your feet, this can be used to produce custom made orthotics if they are required.

Soothing Remedial Massage Therapy in Vermont.

Our Vermont remedial massage therapists are trained to provide the best service for you! This type of massage will focus on a specific injury or problem area as well as any contributing muscles. Our trained therapists work individually on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia associated to your complaint.

Remedial massage therapists use the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, combined with manual therapy techniques to resolve your presenting complaint.

Our remedial massage therapist in Vermont will help you improve mobility, lessen pain, reduce tension.